The plane is about to take off.

I barely escaped getting caught.

Kathleen will be back around 2:30.

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Who are these two boys?

The book consists of thirty chapters.

Why aren't we doing that?

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They capitulated unconditionally.

He could not credit her story.

The joint in my left elbow hurts.

Tears fell from his eyes.

Let us know your thoughts about this.

The government's economic policy is credited for Japan's postwar economic success.

This is the problem we should work on first.

Hick the woodcutter cuts wood.

Now, my boy, times have changed.


Hand me the glue.

The room was empty.

I think you should buy this.

It won't be long.

Wearing glasses should correct your vision.

Give me a painkiller, please.

Shai decided to redesign his website.

She showers every morning.

All men are children, and of one family. The same tale sends them all to bed, and wakes them in the morning.


What do you say we get back to work?

It's time to carry out the plan.

To one of the head psychologists, the depression criteria didn't quite characterize this group of girls.

What's everybody laughing about?

She decorated her house regardless of cost.

Follow that car!

She needed five stitches.


Hillary speaks quickly.


Can I talk to her alone?


Vladislav didn't tell anyone that he'd bought a diamond ring for Richard.

That's how I do everything.

I've done the job two months in advance.

This room doesn't get much sunlight.

The look on his face was next door to hatred.


You don't need to be in that much of a hurry.

She was young and innocent.

You can see that every day.

I feel underappreciated at work.

Everything looks pretty normal.

Love is a quarrel which begins between a woman and a man and never finishes.

We're pretty disappointed.

When my father was offered a golden handshake, he took it.

Clare didn't hide anything from Rex.

You seem to be a very lonely person.

I've been given a big project to shoot.

You never told me that you wanted to learn how to play the banjo.

The wise one knows what he says; the foolish one says what he knows.

I hope I succeed.

Norman doesn't look like his father at all.

Burglars broke into our apartment and stole my wife's fur coat.

You're pushing your luck.


I know a kid with two cowlicks in his hair. Two!

He drinks like a fish.

You should've kissed him.

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Companies welcome workers who take initiative.


She is the one who took care of her wound.

Maybe Lievaart just doesn't like you.

You are difficult and incorrigible.


Malus is still a young guy.

Christofer didn't argue with Ian.

For all his efforts, he failed the exam.

It is difficult to replace an employee that is as qualified as he is.

This is obviously not the best way to do it.

It was pouring rain all morning long.

I myself didn't have to go and meet him there.


This outfit was typical of a colonist at that time.


Ami has gotten his confidence back.


Sofoklis bought Lorenzo a diamond ring.


Doors ain't as bad as you think.

His explanation is beside the point.

Franklin decided to go home early.

Deirdre wished Ramiro liked him better.

They need to be prepared to pay more.

Spencer didn't laugh at any of Alfred's jokes.

Please give me two hot dogs with mustard and ketchup.

The hotel is completely full.

Damon said he never saw them.

Did you know that some foxes lived on this mountain?

Was Wayne hurt?

The thief set his eyes on that house.

The situation is very complicated.

I hope we can help.

Two whole pages of the newspaper were devoted to the news of the royal divorce.


That's how I feel about him.


Do you remember my brother Henry?


Hey, let me tell you something.

Kimmo doesn't know who wrote the graffiti on the wall.

Your nose is running.

I expected Dalton to call, but he didn't.

Have you ever come to our meetings?


Hardly a day passes that I don't think of you.

Cobalt is a transition metal.

I'm pretty sure that's Arnold's goal.

These are just crazy ideas.

He seemed to have thought so.


The Hungarian language is better than Esperanto.

Birds build nests of twigs.

I was astonished at the news.

The old man gave the child shelter.

Why did you get me this?

Anyone who is unwilling to read does not understand the joy of reading.

The poor man was stretched out on the ground, unconscious.

My younger brother is still sleeping.

Just be careful with that.


Everybody tries to do their job with an honest effort.

I have a Muslim neighbor.

He wore a light blue tie.

She is busy typing the reports.

Angus told me a good joke this morning.

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Dylan always orders the cheapest item on the menu.

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It's more than tolerable!

I know why you're upset.

Is this for sale?

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Why can't we go and see him?


If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures.

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Love? What's that? I'm an orphan. I've never known love.

How much longer is Dawn going to be in Boston?

Dan wasn't satisfied with Linda's landing.


You should've listened to us.

Do you know how to use a personal computer?

Teachers' salaries are very low.

I assure you, that will not be necessary.

I'm real impressed with Felix.

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Marsh didn't enjoy his job.


I don't care if it's a bit cold.

I've already accepted it.

They do not let me have a dog.

She likes jazz.

London developed into the general market of Europe.


Andre has given us all this.

The flickering black-and-white television set irritated my weary eyes.

I'll do it for a cake.

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All verbs are indicated in bold text.

I'm not a baby anymore.

"Do you have some fish?" "Yes, I do."


She is frugal, not to say stingy.

The demand is huge.

My grandfather, being hard of hearing, often makes an irrelevant answer.

If he had worked harder, he could have succeeded.

I had to consider what might happen.

Nobody's there right now.

I wouldn't do anything like that.


I've got a headache right now.

It's a house just like that I have seen.

I've had a hard day, all I want is an early night.

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What is that big new building?


I support him.

I want milk.

His loneliness was as deep as the blue of the ocean around his dugout canoe.

We cannot help missing you badly.

Write these new vocabulary words in your notebook.

Hiroyuki tried to stab Donald.

I won't let it go to waste.


Stop fooling around and help me!

Aimee's in the bathroom now.

You have paperwork that needs to be done.


Some people say that French is one of the most beautiful languages in the world.