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There were a lot of people who came to ask after the famous actress.


The hotel was hard by the lake.

Donovan is eating in the conservatory.

Despair drove him to attempt suicide.

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She has scorn for me.

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How will you fix it?

Mordecai the Jew was a cousin of Queen Esther.

Apart from you, we are all poor.


I felt after the switch in the dark.

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She's a student.

Can we give this a try?

We will wash dishes.

Children belong with their parents.

What's that thing supposed to do?

It was apprehended not as a gratitude but as an insult.

I want you to send this parcel at once.

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He is likely to win the scholarship.


Do you believe Po's accusations against Uri?

Don't you like us?

I'm accustomed to getting up early.

Don't do me any favors.

I'm sure Amos will get over it.

There used to be a large cedar tree there.

I'll call for an ambulance.

Do you want to help me?

Piotr will come to see us tomorrow.


He already went to bed.

Dick was ten years old when he died.

Lukas isn't afraid of me, is he?


Don't shout, the neighbours will hear you!


I want you to stay here until I get back.

The skin of a shark is much rougher than that of a tuna fish.

We're prepared for a fight.

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May I have a cup of tea?

I want to know who did that.

Either way, you lose.


The pain had affected his senses.

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How long have they been playing tennis?


I think I may know what this is all about.

She is known to everyone.

They should've contacted us by now.

I may need a few days off next week.

Men are proud of their genitals.

Sanford took care of Clyde's children while she was in the hospital.

Was there something you wanted me to say?


Don't invite him to the party.

Christopher Columbus's secret love letters to Queen Isabella - undiscovered for centuries - have been rumored to rival, if not surpass, the Kama Sutra.

We spoke last night.

Why don't you just go away and leave me alone?

Billie has a yoga ball in her office.

He describes himself as a democratic socialist.

It's really hard to do.

It is generally believed that money brings happiness.

Diplomatic dialogue helped put an end to the conflict.


Suu should be able to help Sabrina tomorrow morning.


It's been a long time since I've seen Linda that angry.

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Not a single soul knows about it.

They've caught him.

In Vincenzo's garden is a charming wood cabin.

I don't know when I can get away.

Del is going to be late again.

Telephone booths are as scarce as hen's teeth around here.

It is, however, apposite to note that this process will continue in the year ahead.

The debate was very contentious and didn't result in any fruitful conclusions.

I can't apologize enough.

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"Can I ask you a question?" "Shoot."

Why are you so interested in what Brad thinks?

What are you doing out here?

Nobody wants to touch this.

We get nothing so cheaply as we want.

Wet clothes cling to the body.

You still haven't told me how old you are.

Why should that surprise anyone?

I am going on.

I can't steal for you.

We rushed out onto the street.

I have other matters to deal with.

Charleen now makes millions.


We will not need to add artificial substances to our food.


Theo knows what it's about.

I've never made a lot of money.

However, the survivors are unaware of that fact.


You don't have time.

There was no need to do that.

He died of lung cancer.

He angrily tore up the letter from her.

Would you like me to come with you?


He was cheered by the good news.


America is ahead in space technology.

Gil is not interested in politics.

Everything looked beautiful, in the freshness of early spring.

I'm just going to drop by the post office.

He fell asleep with the radio on.

His wish was realized at last.

Brodie has too much time on his hands.

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There's no way of telling who'll win.

There was nothing for me to do but mount the horse.

He apologized for his rudeness, but she wouldn't forgive him.

This one's from me.

Kenneth has fewer friends than Marshall.


I am unable to give my word as to when it will be done.

Shai had an alibi for the day of Malaclypse's murder.

He told the boy to sharpen his pencil.

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Stay here and wait for him.

I'm actually beginning to like them.

What kind of little birds are sitting up there on the little wall?

It's an emergency.

Please turn off the light before you go to bed.

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Julius didn't have to get up as early today as he usually does.


I haven't actually looked at it yet.

There's a tornado coming!

I have nothing better to do.

They stepped a few paces forward.

That'll be a cold day in hell.


I cannot tell my opinion without provoking him.

They fought to the last man.

He does not study hard enough.

Not every question deserves an answer.

What's the point of showing up on time if everyone else shows up late?


Traditional Japanese sweets really do go well with Japanese tea.


Are you happy right now?

My father used to bring me here when I was a kid.

In some parts of the ocean, krill populations have dropped by over 80 percent.


Nutella is not very well known in Japan. However in the United States and Europe, it's a popular spread and various sized jars of Nutella may be seen lined up inside many grocery stores and supermarkets.


Can you explain how Duncan died?


Ben seems startled.

Rodger told Suu what John wanted.

Everyone in her class likes her.

I want to chain myself to that tree.

Andy never found out the truth about Juri and John.

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It is impossible to calculate the moral mischief, if I may so express it, that mental lying has produced in society.

That year's buzzword was digital: digital clocks, digital microwave ovens, even digital pens.

I can't do the hard day's work I used to.

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Well, what's wrong with that?


Don't let appearances fool you.

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Socorrito built a room above the garage.


The debate was terminated abruptly after a water balloon was thrown at the stage.

I read at least one book every month.

Salt water baths can help reduce arthritis pain.

When I went to look, I found the boy fast asleep.

His words created an awkward situation.

You've bought us some time.

You're the master.

The Old Prussian language revival began in the early 80's.

I told you it wouldn't take too long.

Kris's lawyer said that he couldn't put Ole on the stand.

Edmond sees things.

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You must not eat anything for a few days.


You talk fast.

I need to take your pulse.

Kathy knows what it's all about.

The gun suddenly went off.

Hui learned how to swim two years ago.

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I don't know what Kitty is doing.

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Do you think that any really smart person is inherently interested in languages?