You should be happy.


She is already sleeping.


I'm so bored I could scream.

Hold on.

Who wants more coffee?

She is very much afraid of dogs.

The banks are closed today.

The boxes are rectangular, not square.

Malaclypse had no intention of giving up.

Without your help, I couldn't have ridden out that crisis.

He always was a very haughty boy. His parents didn't seem to mind.


It's forbidden to carry arms.

I'm not feeling relaxed.

Where is the plane?

I feel bad for her.

The Jacksons are coming.

Why didn't anyone warn me?

I hope I'll have a chance to see you the next time I'm in Boston.

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Ramiro didn't ask whether Trying was planning to go or not.

The clock is accurate and dependable.

He seldom, if ever, reads a book.


Thad failed to understand that.

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I've had better days.


I suppose I can ask Brooke.

Concentrate on our mission!

Let's talk over the plan after school.

You have many caring friends.

I don't know where to turn to.

I told them we were friends.

There's a big party at his place.


Whenever you come, I'm ready.


They stayed one more day together.


I don't want to go.

I've been meaning to speak with you.

I need to get that fixed.

Until you admit that you were wrong, I'm not going to talk to you.

Rafik seems very happy.

He's ahead in the race.

I don't care who Clem gives this to.

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Did Aimee ever ask you out?

How much longer do you need?

Hollywood marriages rarely last.

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He carried on working, regardless of whether he was tired or not.

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Esperanto speakers are in principle still at least bilingual.

An army is a group of soldiers.

Why don't we ask him to help?


I can't believe that you kissed Max.

But, unfortunately, the game was called off due to rain.

Who do they think they're kidding?

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Ilya and Galen are sitting together.

I never cut my nails at night.

Winston will continue.

Father absented himself from work yesterday.

As soldiers they went to the front.

It's great to be here.

Little by little, I am learning kanji.


I don't think I heard you correctly.

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My husband often fails to understand what I mean.

This fruit isn't for you.

Be more careful, or you will make mistakes.

We tried with might and main to break open the door.

I asked Adrian to let the dog out.

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It was the only way to go.


It's hot, so I want to eat something cold.

I was surprised at her inability to do things promptly.

Ted likes playing the trumpet.


The child did not intent to break your arm.

Who developed it?

I can't work any more.

I enjoy listening to Russian speech.

Give me 20 quarters and the rest in dimes.


Norman needs to get more exercise.

Matthew told me you were dead.

You don't have enough friends.


I'm sure that she will get angry.

Lonhyn told Knut about his new job.

I visit him often.

He has a lot of difficulty seeing without his glasses.

I haven't eaten in four days.

I have one final piece of advice related to handshakes: Remember to smile.

Is Sumitro a member of the swimming club?

What happened at Bullock's this evening?

Kyung's condition is still critical.

You'd better hurry, otherwise you'll be late for your appointment.

Rogue listened to the news.

Possibly she will not come.

I failed to catch the last bus, and came home by taxi.

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I am against working on Sundays.


A professor is teaching Czech.


What the hell were you doing upstairs, Stu?


I know that Ramsey still loves me.

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Admission by silence.

This is the first time I've ever weighed myself this year.

The mirror on a compact I got from a friend has cracked.

This is going to be a problem.

I didn't know Andreas was coming back.

We uploaded the pictures from our wedding on Facebook.

Sandeep wanted Lucius dead.

You use a pen in a university.

Andries invited Gary to spend the night with him.

I might be wrong.

My brother-in-law came here from Rio de Janeiro on the thirtieth last month and tomorrow he is going to leave for Sao Paulo.

Noemi ran to catch the train.

Roger is boiling the potatoes to make potato salad.

Teacher Wang is drinking the Longjing tea (he) brought from China.

You don't have to go if you don't want to.


The young girl remained silent.

Boyd checked his pants pockets.

It's all a terrible misunderstanding.

Robert was drinking chocolate milk with a straw.

When did the robbery happen?


That made the problem all the more complicated.

Are you doing anything special this evening?

What kind of a sick joke is this?

He told me that he liked to work in Chad.

You take me for a sucker, don't you?

It's a good thing you didn't go to Knut's party.

As one grows old, one becomes a light sleeper.

You're shallow.

His resignation left a vacancy in the cabinet.

Clava loves all things irrational, and works at the kindergarten for precisely that reason.

Your mom is here.

Oh no! Our patient is dead.

He stopped smoking last year.

Isabelle is the 1,800,132,420th richest man in the world.

Don't think I won't like it.

Look, you've got to help.

Our teacher told us to go out into the ground at once.


O Lord, who lends me life, lend me a heart replete with thankfulness.

The apple trees will probably start to blossom next week.

Think for a moment.

We talk about that all the time.

He hurried to the station so he wouldn't miss the train.

He is very influential in the world of medicine.

No one can operate this machine.

I was wrong again! And I thought I had understood!

The French president is to visit Japan next month.

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I love your car.

She left France for America.

She misses him, especially on rainy days.


I'll buy you lunch.


The heavy snowfall prevented our train from leaving on time.

Would you do me a favor, Brendan?

To me skiing is far more interesting than skating.

Why was I not informed?

She regained consciousness in the hospital.

Grace owns a shell company in the British Virgin Islands.

They should've contacted us.

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This is what Christina said he wanted.

She's a complete bitch.

The party organized by Cindie was a huge success.

They gave him a chance to escape.

I'm trying to solve this problem.

Masanao watched Cris drive away and then got in his own car.

Come on, trust me.

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Older men are usually very wise.

Honest people despise those who lie.

I told her to be home by nine.

If you do not think about the future, you cannot have one.

That box is bigger than this one.

I asked you a question.

He's closing everything.


You didn't confirm.