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  • September, 2018

    Profile managers will be tasked with the following;
    Profile managers are to keep in touch with their hosts to know when they have contents to upload. To make this effective, contacts will be shared to both host and his/her profile manager. Profile managers will have to keep a constant check on their host and hosts are also expect to call when they need the help of their profile managers. .

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  • 910-230-5532

    Are you smart and vibrant?
    Myrewin profile managers are smart and vibrant individuals with the drive to make extra income for themselves aside their regular income sources.
    Myrewin profile managers are not necessarily individuals with digital relationship skill or managerial skill, rather they are just young vibrant youths with the drive to make ends meet.
    Below are the requirements for you to be profile manager
    1. You must be an undergraduates of any tertiary institution
    2. Must have a working personal computer
    3. Must have a smart phone
    4. Must have a good communication skill and dress sense
    5. Must have an acceptable basic social media knowledge.

    (713) 280-3052


    Soon to be the biggest hub for written content creators in the world and acknowledging the fact that a large amount of writters, especially in Africa will not have the time to manage their personal store on the platform, or will not have the required I.T knowledge to manage and keep track of the activities of their personal store. So will need their personal assistant to keep tract on the activities happening in their personal store, while most of them will requires a separate trusted secretary to do that. Considering all this factors and more, myrewin looked at the creating a niche for undergraduates to generate extra income and get exposed to be mentored by great minds.
    Myrewin profile managers’ scheme is created to solve the above listed challenges and more. With a target of having 10,000 professionals in the platform for the first operational year, we believe our profile managers will play a major role in enhancing content interaction.

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