If you will not be available at the new time, please let us know.

They gave up.

Don't hurt him.

It might rain tomorrow.

We will buy bread.

I'm mulatto.

The structure of the house was wrong.

It's important to teach children proper table manners.


Gideon didn't really feel like playing tennis.

Why would I care where Jiri is?

Didn't you like breakfast today?

Israel won't be able to do it by himself, so we need to ask someone to help him.

Intonation is absent in his way of speaking.


He is old enough to know better.


Talking of Mr Tanaka, have you seen him lately?

Is the patient prepared for surgery?

I made an apple pie for you.

Child abuse is a crime.

You like seafood, don't you?

That artist's very popular.

It's so pretty.

The war's been going on for years.

The general strike paralyzed the whole country.

Flamenco shows are popular in the south of Spain.

This is awful.

Do you think I should throw this away?

Make a circle and hold hands.

I borrowed Werner's car.

Hwa went without food for a whole week.


She took me under her wing and taught me everything she knows.


There will be other deals.


After his wife left him, Harold went nuts.

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This year's weather is rather unusual.

I was told that Mark has moved to Boston.

I dare say he will not come.

I'll deal with them later.

It is better to give than to take.


I'd rather die than do it!

He couldn't make good a promise between his father.

It's a special time for us.

Love is wonderful and beautiful.

How did you cut your arm?


He slapped my ass.

Please be seated.

Most people understand this.


Kayvan's very sophisticated.

Has Lyndon eaten anything?

It depends on the size of the chair.

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Dan left for work around eight thirty.

Why would someone kill him?

Joyce walked downstairs.

Detective Dan Anderson returned to Linda's house armed with a search warrant.

He wiped his nose on his sleeve.

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I thought Turkeer liked me.

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I'm home all the time.

Do you have a place to stay tonight?

Why did Masanao ask Naomi to do that?

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I never wanted you to get involved in this mess.

You should probably tell Fred when he needs to be here.

Malaclypse sealed the envelope.

Lisa was drowning.

I can't let you go in there alone.

They checked the machine for defects.

He is little, if at all inferior to you.

The tax bore hard on the peasantry.

Do we really need this?

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The head of the college, whose name was Miss Baker, therefore had a special place in the car park for her own small car.


You can express the sentence this way.

Tell everyone the truth.

The battery died out.


I went to bed early.

Tatoeba was sick and almost died.

Celeste rolled over in bed.


Randall couldn't believe that Tim had actually said that.


We need him here like we need a hole in the head.


Suddenly, the captain abandoned the ship.

This is an incredible result.

And she is always a troublemaker.

Kirsten is trying to do his best.

My uncle now lives in comfort.

Mahmoud said he didn't understand anything.

Do you feel any attraction for this book?

I don't know what you heard about me.

I feel I was able to get back to nature on this trip.

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These housewives are desperate.

He was kind enough to see that I wanted for nothing.

I still haven't received your e-mail. Maybe you wrote down my e-mail address wrongly?


I'll kill Glen if I have to.


The said that we weren't allowed to take photographs in this museum.

See if my answer is correct.

How do I get to your office from Tokyo Station?

Have you ever brushed your teeth?

I thought Bradford was exaggerating.

I don't have time to take any more pupils.

The doctor is known to everyone in the village.

It's expensive to modernize a city.

He went to America to study American literature.

Bring me the Kleenex.

Kolkka says he doesn't want to hurt Marlena.

Do you think Carisa is all right?

I wish Suyog could see me now.


I want you to know I'm willing to help if you need me.

Oscar's the last person I would've expected to have a heart attack.

The choice of example sentence wasn't wise.

The rocket exploded on the launch pad.

I don't want to talk to Shahid right now.

Did you have fun last night?

I'm sorry about being late.

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My cousin is from Egypt. He is Egyptian.

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They ring the bell at eight.

The red rose made a nice contrast to her white dress.

I prefer a ready-made suit.


Can we see him now?

I let down the rope.

I'm in partial agreement with you.


Jerrie couldn't have done it alone.

Jeffrey is following them.

It's not easy to think with Lucifer snoring.

I'm starting to get used to the dark.

It wasn't that expensive.

What was Tanaka really talking about?

Giles tried to concentrate on his work.


He was reminded to pay his taxes.

Put on a jacket.

Don't worry. Chicks dig scars.

I'm OK with having just one friend.

I have seen James recently.


I just want to know if you're hungry.


I think we need to take a break.

He has seen much of the world.

There was nothing that I could do but wait for him.

I assume you're not interested in going with us.

I explained the rules of the game to them.

This sentence ends with a question mark?

Darryl can expect to hear from us by the end of the month.

Vince doesn't play golf as much as he used to.

I must talk with them.

The kids suddenly become quiet.

What a boring film! Nothing ever happens!

I can't open this bottle.

You're a dog.

She looks just like an angel.

You should tell Jason what to do.

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It's quite warm today.

Work in large groups is terribly frustrating.

We ate until we couldn't eat any more.

I'm not working for Jennie.

I will give a bunch of flowers to my girlfriend.

Tolerant and Trevor stood to leave.

She kept dancing at the disco all night.

Saumya had lunch.

There was no electricity for two days in the aftermath of the typhoon.

I forgave his mistake.

I prefer quality to quantity.

If he is corrected too much, he will stop talking.

Did you have a good time at the party?

Thank God I am an atheist.

I thought I understood you.

I was hoping you'd let me buy you a slice of pizza.

Get a haircut.


A bear will not touch a corpse.

He's a big boy.

There was revelry at Evelyn's house.

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Let me show it to you.


I asked him to watch my things.