How much did you sleep?

I saw some cars in the parking lot.

Loukas spoke French to me.

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She generally helped him with his homework.


Once a week, the mother inspects her son's room.


Dan is doing a disservice to the community.

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Take particular care when walking on icy paths.

You will take to this new job before long.

I think I'd better help her.

Without your support, we probably won't be able to put this plan into practice.

Listen to your heart, because it never lies.


I told them what I like.

I don't wish that on anyone.

My brother wants to kill me.

The girl was pregnant before the priest could say Amen.

I'm stuck here in Boston until the job is finished.


They identified him with God.


What is your decision?


Grant said a lot of things.

You can only smoke on the patio.

This problem is not avoidable.

The snow is compacting.

For some reason I can speak my true feelings with you, Manuel.


Please don't be fooled.

How did you get to know each other?

You've got nothing to be ashamed of.


Are those my slippers?

Romain talked his daughter out of marrying John.

I know Jwahar likes Giovanni.

I am looking for a cheap hotel.

Everyone agrees to stay here for the night and make long-term itinerary decisions tomorrow.

I couldn't go there today.

I expect a tough fight.

I will give you a bike for your birthday.

I appreciate that you are very fatigued.


Perhaps we shouldn't have gone to Boston last weekend.

Come and see my garden tomorrow.

For the time being, I am studying French at this language school.

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The fewer, the better.

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Tickets are tax deductible.

Edgar was offended when Rodger bought her some breath freshener.

The old man starved to death.


After the stop the train accelerated quickly.

Ning and Alison are Canadians.

Jane has been quiet and moody for the past few days.

I just don't get it.

That's a heartwarming scene.

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He is not kind to her.


Merril left his umbrella at school.

I will make it without a car and on time.

I didn't like what he said at all.

Daren's self-absorbed and rarely asks Panos how she's going.

I'm behind in my paperwork.

I understand you're going to Boston next week.

Despite the fact they set their heart on convincing him, he maintained his opposition to the project.

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Let's just pray it never happens again.

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The thief ran away when she saw the policeman.


The meeting dragged on for three and a half hours.


At what time are you coming back?

Can you help me remember how to smile?

Now that you are an authentic consumist, you can start thinking about how will you pay it back to society.

That's generous of you.

The others are playing outside.

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I talked to Micky's old girlfriend.

You're not normal.

I want you to lead.


Sergiu hopes to visit Boston next summer.

Have you met her?

Raise your hand when I call your name.


I've changed.

Don't even talk to me.

The beehives are on the other side of the orchard.

What shall we have tonight?

Naresh said he'd look at it.

I need to feed her.

All righty.

I like that type of stuff.

I know I don't deserve it.

I was not disappointed.

His company was singled out as the most successful small business in the region.


With every broken vow, you bring our ideal closer to destruction.


We're all worried about him.

Are you sure Elaine knows what he's doing?

At that time, the title of lady was only used for noblewomen.


Beckie was here earlier today.

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You must take care of him.

The phone keeps ringing today!

When was the last time you wore a coat?

I will side with you just this once.

As long as Colysaeus stands, Rome stands; when Colysaeus falls, Rome and the world fall.

It seems that Shaw is sick.

I wonder if I can do it again.


I bet Seth forgot.

Jakob was unable to hide his reaction.

I wish you'd make your mind up.

Let me treat you next time, then.

What questions did Gerald ask you?

He is an author.

Do you have Facebook?

I'm rational.

I am going to have something to eat.

This is the only way to get Karen to stop.

What did you really see?

Jerry bought some potatoes.

I would like to consider the implications we can draw from the application of Emmet's theory to chemistry.

That's not what I'm afraid of.

Our teacher is a martial arts expert.


I was born on March 22, 1962.

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He could swim across the river when he was in his teens.


You should get to know them.

Takayuki isn't young anymore.

Interest rates have been fixed at 5%.

Would you like to be seated?

What Leung said was inappropriate.


I'll save them.

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Marsha persuaded Charley to do it.

A few days ago, my girlfriend Sophie moved from Edmonton, Alberta to Victoria, British Columbia.

She is as mad as a bag of cats.

Hartmann said you were in Australia for three years.

In which car of the train is the seat you reserved?

The interpreter provides his personal interpretation.

He was trying to make an experiment in physics.

We have very deep convictions.

She was taken in by the salesman.

I don't like to watch tv.

Why did I never make a movie during my numerous journeys?

Just the sound of 'I love you' makes me feel stronger.

Jeffery might've been murdered.

I'm just trying to figure out why someone would do such a thing.

Does your work interest you?

Not even you can dampen my spirits right now!

Since her father's death, she has gone through a lot of hardships.


Her father won't come, he is very busy.

I just wanted Larry to calm down.

The first thing you must learn is to stand on your own ideas.

You need to wash your hands before a meal.

I will have him come.


Tall pine trees make a ring around the lake.


Kit is the best student in our class.


No one can read the book without crying.

Marco thinks he writes well.

Fate brings us what we don't often wait for.

Gene thinks it's a good idea.

Come and see me.

White collar crime has made American people trust the government less.

"Where was the Snow Queen going? Do you know anything about it?" "She was most likely travelling to Lapland, where there is always snow and ice."

I thought I was going to kill myself.

I'm much stronger.

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You are to stay here.

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It really is a good replica.


The train was derailed.


We just can't keep doing that.

Did you comb your hair?

I'm looking forward to good news.

Where did you weigh them?

I don't make the policies here.

You can stay tonight with me.

Rosa has been a secretary for many years.