Do you like chamomile tea?

I heard that now, he works in Saudi Arabia.

The concert's over.

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I'm going running.

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We all know how you must feel.

I'm sure Timo will understand.

The world is a crazy place.

You don't need to go tomorrow.

You don't like Chinese cooking?

Mike is the brightest student in class.

Who asked you to help?

I am using a new computer.

Lately, he's achieved some pretty good results.

The admission costs six euros but on Sundays it's free.

Do you plan on using that?

They saw her.

All the eggs went bad.


What keeps you going?

Everybody looks up to him.

In this jewelry store there are some pretty earrings.

You have my word on it.

How much must I pay?

I find it difficult to express my thoughts with words.

This house is vacant.


Where is the bicycle?

We've lost valuable time.

I don't think I can handle it.

We were both grinning.

Piotr was not apologetic.

Marc had a meteoric rise to fame.

Just don't worry about it, OK?

Between us there is no problem.

If I knew her name and address, I could write to her.

I'm going to do it myself.

They're both older than you.

We have to talk to him.

I assume you're referring to Terry's problem.

Better than the one who knows what is right is he who loves what is right.

I thought a walk in the park might take our minds off our troubles.

Herve, wait up.

My first guess was wide off the mark.

No matter the age, a child is a child.

I thought about smashing his guitar, but I didn't do it.


Even the most graceful and imposing existing buildings may now be so sadly diminished as to seem slightly ridiculous beside the monster.

We're thinking of moving back to Boston.

I need some time.


That's the way Naoto is. You can't do anything about it.

You wanted to avoid war at the price of dishonour.

I tiptoed to avoid waking the baby.


Just when I was about to phone her, a letter arrived from her.

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Tears began to spill down her face.

You're wanted by the police.

What did he do after that?

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We'd better wake him up.

I see your point.

She wants to go back to college.

Either you or I must go in his place.

The article will be sent cash on delivery.

There's really no choice.

Hey, have you ever seen a guy's privates before?

Gentlemen, I'd like to propose a toast.

Toft told Guillermo that he was hungry.


We regret that your application has not been accepted.


We have to find out what needs to be done.


I awoke from a dream.

What have you taken?

Our company's base is in Tokyo.


I was stuck.

She kept dancing at the disco all night.

I'm sure Patty will get around to doing that sooner or later.

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I did say that.

The princess fell in love with an Elven prince.

Why is your head blue?

I thought you'd be excited.

Everything is complete.

He became very dangerous.

You're a good waitress.


Kimberly is eating in the conservatory.

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What are the advantages of this technology?

Maybe I ought to expand the memory.

I want to go discuss something important with you.

I don't own a suit.

Shut the door behind you.

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Go and ask Everett.

You can have some more if you want.

I don't want you to be unhappy.

Skip is doing really well.

Miles trimmed his beard for the wedding.


I haven't bought a new coat in five years.

I'm just going to sit here.

'OK' is said to be the most popular word in the world.


Emmett sneaked up behind the guard and clobbered him with a monkey wrench.

The Bermuda Triangle is a sham.

This will give Kyung one more thing to worry about.

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Spyros no longer lives here.

Why did you wait until the last minute to do this?

It's already eleven.

It is folly to buy things you don't really feel the need for, for you'll end up neglecting them and eventually realise you wasted money.

Duncan told me Johnathan couldn't be trusted.

I don't know when I've had a better hamburger.

Pablo is no longer my student.


Duke is pretty skinny, isn't he?


I don't want to play checkers.

I want to take a closer look.

Fanta is my favourite soda brand.

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Donovan is leaving Boston tomorrow, isn't he?


She's a real character.

He hasn't any children.

I'm hoping to arrive this weekend.

How are you getting along these days?

Did you find any fingerprints on the wineglass?


The chair is far away from the door.


The third star belonged to a certain king.


He that will steal an egg will steal an ox.


My sister is very wise.


We'll never meet again.


The soldiers are going through severe training.

Micheal used to have a penpal in Australia that he wrote to several times a month.

Is it summer yet?


Put your suitcase over here.

Meg called you during your absence.

I liked them before they became popular.


I stayed at an inexpensive hotel when I was in Boston.

I'd die if anything happened to you.

She is always kind to everyone.


Let me talk to her alone.

Leigh may be dangerous.

I was too busy helping Takayuki to help Bobbie.

This person isn't very quick when it comes to making friends.

You're better off without me.


Why don't you spend the night with us?

It was obvious to everyone that the marriage would sooner or later end in divorce.

Your voice makes my ears bleed!


A tanker is a ship carrying oil.

Carter loves getting tied up.

I know a kid with two cowlicks in his hair. Two!

Do not come here.

In mines you can find valuable minerals.

Why won't you leave me alone?

Harry found a good place to work.

Brendan said he was worn out.

Clark didn't have much time for studying.

I don't want the surgery.

We have two boats.

I didn't expect you to answer.

Candles were everywhere.


"Help!", he shouted.


Did Ken and Joe eat lunch about noon?

She was the one who contacted me first.

I'm not eating this fish.


When it comes to sports, I can't beat her.

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Do you have to do this every time?

Did I touch a nerve?

We are studying Spanish.


I'm too ashamed.

That kid is a little demon.

Where do you put the garbage in this kitchen?

Fred is really confused.

He lacks decisiveness.